On the following

On the following When the child starts reading, believe, for him there will be no more fascinating reading, than this, learned by heart, rumpled and such favourite albuM. On the following walk consider properly ant hill, tell why it cannot be destroyed, and sketch everything that saw.

The adult will draw an ant hill, and black and brown points, short lines by which the rounded cone will become covered, quite can to draw and the child.

Next time the album is required when the kid sees how an ant drags a big stick or that is even more interesting as it is dragged at once a little ants.

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Rules Instead

Rules Instead If at the player all peas, he come to an end bowls off.

It is forbidden to play two times in a row with one and same participant.

On the termination of playing time everyone uchast the nickname counts the peas.

Winner the one who gathered their maximum number appears.

Rules Instead of peas it is possible to use About paper clips, matches, small buttons.

About c.


= = =.






At On game minutes are taken away Nose The stock is absent.

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What apartment? I do not understand, where

What apartment? I do not understand, where You were always irritated by his jokes objected father.

Mother sighed and kept silent.

Scandal burst during weekend when the father told the son Now, Boris, we will go with you to fishing.

Well, I will help mother to tidy up the apartment, and then with pleasure I will go with you to fishing it is quiet from the boy vetit.

What apartment?

I do not understand, where hurrah, where shouts vos bargaining?

the father was surprised.

Why it is necessary to shout?

Only the illbred shout children the son quietly answered.

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Happened, the old man will

Happened, the old man will A snowball, the Snowball, the old man will call, we will go with me to mountains!

The old man cuts boughs in the wood, and the Snowball sharpsightedly guards the owner and hunts for wild beasts.

A snowball, the Snowball, the old woman will click, we will go with me to to the river!

The old woman washes clothes, and the Snowball in the river catches fish.

Happened, the old man will tell, collecting brushwood in the wood Run to the right, to that valley, there the pheasant shouts.

The Snowball as an arrow down an abrupt hillside will be started up and, you look, bears a pheasant in teeth.

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So many years

So many years The house was filled with noise and joyful exclamations.

Kazh the dy child chose to himself a toy.

Children snatched away everything igrush ki, sent Kachnar.

And its this deception was also not successful.

Why, she thought, this cunning again was not successful?

Envy to the sister inflamed in it more and more, and Kachnar poduma la that the sister knows any sorcery.

After a while Kachnar at last gave birth to the daughter.

Milk started streaming from her breast.

So many years later god heard it entreaty.

But to whom destiny plans are known!

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